Grower Resources

Forest Nursery Notes, The Container Tree Nursery Manual, and the Native Plants Journal

The Reforestation, Nurseries, and Genetics Resources (RNGR) team of the USDA Forest Service offers several technology transfer services to people growing forest trees and other native plants. Listed here are four publications that we recommend.

Forest Nursery Notes

Forest Nursery Notes is a semi-annual news and literature service that is available for free. Send your address to Tom Landis at the email address below.

The Container Tree Nursery Manual

This seven-volume series of books is a complete guide to growing and plant management. To purchase CDs or download the PDFs, visit

Thomas “Tom” Landis, Editor, Forest Nursery Notes; Author of The Container Tree Nursery Manual; Nursery Specialist - Emeritus
Phone: 541-210-8108
Web site:

Native Plants Journal

Learn all about growing and the uses for native plants in the Native Plants Journal. You can view past issues and subscribe by visiting the web site listed below.

Kasten “Kas” Dumroese, Editor, Native Plants Journal;
Research Plant Physiologist
Phone: 208-883-2324
Web site:

Tree Planters’ Notes

Tree Planters’ Notes delivers a variety of information on nursery production and outplanting of trees, shrubs and native plants for reforestation, conservation and restoration.

Diane Haase, Editor, Tree
Planters’ Notes; Western
Nursery/Reforestation Specialist
Phone: 503-808-2349
Web site:

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